Getting through this season of struggle

This is an extraordinary season of struggle.
Why think of it as a season? Well, first of all, the Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1: to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
A “season” is a little easier to accept as a time that will come and go. It’s about mindset and mental toughness. And mental toughness is the key to tapping into your purpose and getting through the harder seasons of life.
I’ve chosen to frame this time in this way. While I’ve made a career out of sharing my message that mental toughness matters and adversity creates purpose, this season is testing me, too. As I work through it, I plan to share what I’m doing and thinking with you at the beginning of each month to help.
What I’m reading
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King
By Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
This is a first-person account of the extraordinary life of America’s greatest civil rights leader. This may seem like a strange book to read during this pandemic season, but it is a poignant reminder that when life isn’t easy we must endure!
Book of Ephesians
Ephesians is an encouraging reminder regarding who we are in Christ and how that relates to fulfilling the purpose and calling God has given.
What I’m doing
Consistent prayer and meditation. This clears my mind and prepares me for a productive day.
Spending more time with family. I have found a lot of joy in the extra family time. My schedule is hectic to say the least but with fewer face-to-face meetings, I have more time at home. It has been fun watching Disney movies with my daughter and doing at-home workouts with my wife.
Using this pause in the world to plan. Remember learning in drivers ed that when putting a vehicle with an automatic transmission in motion to go FORWARD, you must put your foot on the brake? Maybe our foot is on the brake right now so that ultimately we can move forward.
Finding inspiration
Right now, I think of my mother a lot. When she contracted HIV, she went back to school to earn her master’s degree in counseling so she could help other women who had HIV. Thinking of her reminds me that when we find ourselves in seasons of struggle, we can lift ourselves up by finding ways to help someone else. Who in your home or network can you help?

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