Culture Shift

Package: Personalized plan to fit your business needs

Price: Starting at $13,500

With the Great Resignation in full-swing, it is paramount for employers to learn how to adjust hiring practices to make wise personnel investments, tools to retain quality employees, invest in their employees’ ongoing growth and development, and set up sustaining systems-wide shifts to maximize organizational potential in the long term. 

Through a three-pronged approach, Living in Purpose uses qualitative data through interviews, leadership assessments, and coaching to identify and address the painpoints of the organization. Using human-centered design, Living in Purpose focuses on the individual employee as well as the greater whole of the organization to implement and monitor the efficacy of increased employee engagement, measurable goals and ongoing success. Our goal is to help each individual and, concurrently, the company to maximize its profitability, satisfaction, and productivity.

What you’ll get:

  • The organization will walk away with the tools necessary to embrace pressure, exceed potential and maximize purpose. 
  • Access to leadership dashboard that gives leaders the ability to understand each individual staff member and what motivates them and how they think. 
  • Daily coaching tips that give behavioral cues that raise leadership consciousness and increase the efficacy of organization-wide communication.
  • Tailored forum to address and alleviate company pain points and, subsequently, pathways to solutions. 
  • Each quarter, a personalized leadership development assessment for consistent personal and professional development.
  • Monthly, Living In Purpose will provide 90 minutes of individual Business Purpose Coaching.
  • Finally, to make wiser personnel decisions, the company will walk about with a plan for a 90-day scorecard that establishes benchmarks for each new hire to accomplish in order to obtain long-term employment.

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