Purpose Under Pressure: Team Coaching 

Package: Personalized plan to fit your business needs

Price: Starting at $3,500

Who Is It For:

  • New teams
  • Executive Boards
  • Senior Leadership team

In a famous story, three bricklayers were asked, “what are you doing?” One bricklayer said that he was building a wall, another said he was building a wall to provide for his family. Finally, the third bricklayer said he was a cathedral builder. The third bricklayer was orienting to his purpose as a bricklayer as well as taking in the greater purpose of the project. When a team and team members orient to the collective and individual purpose, the members are more effective, engaged, and satisfied. 

Living In Purpose understands that an organization has a countless number of teams and groups that are a living, breathing machine with complex group dynamics. This includes strengths, its untapped capacity for impact and its areas for growth. The Purpose Under Pressure: Team Coaching program takes a twofold approach of helping each individual team member identify their purpose as well as the collective team purpose.

To do so, it uses qualitative data through interviews, leadership assessments, and coaching to tailor a plan that will fit the needs and painpoints of your team to help it develop to its full potential


What’s you’ll get:

  • The team will walk away with the tools necessary to embrace pressure, exceed potential and maximize purpose. 
  • Tailored assessments that identify the behavioral, personality, and culture dynamics within teams 
  • Facilitated workshop that breaks down the assessments experientially and interactively
  • Access to a leadership dashboard that gives team members relevant data-backed information to continually grow your skills as a business leader.
  • Daily coaching tips that give behavioral cues that raise leadership consciousness and increase the efficacy of organization-wide communication.
  • Increased collaboration, communication, and productivity within the teams

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