Why optimists are happier than pessimists

I have been thinking and talking a lot about how it would be easy to be bitter and angry during these stressful times. But venting and hating isn’t going to make you feel better.
In fact, what we choose to focus on (and how we choose to react) influences our experiences for better or worse. Research has shown that optimists are more likely than pessimists to find meaning and growth in stressful circumstances. They embrace hard times for what these experiences might teach us. And this can unlock more happiness.
So, how can you channel your inner optimist? First, understand that optimism isn’t about thinking positively all the time (that’s unrealistic). Optimism is believing that things will get better while recognizing when they’re rough along the way.
You can’t just flip a switch and become an optimist overnight, even if you want to. But you can make big progress with small steps. Just beginning to recognize the differences between a positive and negative outlook can help.
Try this at home
The next time you start feeling frustration, aggravation, or another negative emotion, stop. Take a deep breath and pause to recognize what you’re feeling, without judgment. Challenge yourself to find something positive, even inside something negative.
What’s one thing you can turn around today? This week? This month? There are still 10 days left.

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