How do you use your time?

Do you ever sit and think to yourself, “If I only had a little more time, I could…[Insert whatever task(s) you evade throughout the course of your day here].”

I’d say I’m sorry for ruffling any feathers with my next statement, but my veracity won’t allow for it.

What if lack of time IS NOT your problem?

What if lack of time management IS?

A thought I often mull over is: How are certain individuals (i.e., billionaires, millionaires, major thought leaders, etc.) able to accomplish such great feats with the SAME 24 hours that I have?

The answer I came up with…TIME MANAGEMENT!

If all my years in Corporate America and ministry have taught me nothing else, they have shown me that great success hinges on how well you manage your time and what you spend that time doing! The wealthiest and most productive people in the world have learned how to leverage their time and maximize every SECOND of their day.

Thought leader Michael Hyatt, developed this resource in an effort to help people make the most out of the time in their week. I have used this tool and personally seen an increase in my own productivity! Using this spreadsheet has truly helped me maximize my minutes!

I want you all to keep in mind that we are all on a level playing field when it comes to time; everyone begins and ends their day with the SAME 24 HOURS. The ONLY way to achieve ultimate success is to eliminate excuses and use your time more wisely. Let’s all make an effort to elevate our productivity and make the most out of the precious time that we have!

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