Business Purpose Accelerator Group Coaching 

Package: Monthly group coaching session and monthly coaching session

Price: $597 per month

With the rapidly shifting business environment, pre-pandemic and post-pandemic, it’s more important than ever for you, as a business leader and entrepreneur, to have a support network. Hence, it is crucial to learn from other successful business leaders. The Business Purpose Accelerator (BPA) is a peer-to-peer transformational group coaching program that offers a cost-effective coaching solution for entrepreneurs at any growth stage through a joint learning environment. BPA helps members achieve sustainable business growth balanced by strong values and relational equity. Additionally, your network is your net worth. Your BPA group will immediately cultivate a community of allies and accountability partners to increase your impact, foster collaboration, and satisfaction in your life, personally and professionally


What you’ll get: 

  • One two-hour monthly group coaching session with successful peers who can give you life experiences and successes to enhance your personal and professional life.
  • Monthly coaching session with Purpose Coach.
  • Access to a leadership dashboard that gives you relevant data-backed information to continually grow your skills as a business leader.
  • Access to a community of successful and motivated business leaders. 
  • Increased business acumen and strategies to transform your business.
  • 12-month access to your leadership dashboard.

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