Top 5 Benefits of Purpose Under Pressure Executive & Leadership Coaching

Identify key strengths and opportunities for leadership growth.

Set and achieve leadership goals that have an immediate impact on performance and results

Build trust and rapport with even the most challenging teal members.

Create a strategic leadership career plan that sustains motivation and drive.

Strengthen your ability to communicate with and lead teams effectively.

Yannik McKie

As a Certified ATD Coach, Yannik has successfully served as a coach & consultant with teams and organizations to support them in maximizing performance, communication productivity. Having worked with both for profit and non-profit organizations and across industries, Yannik has a universal ability to leverage team strengths to produce tangible business results.

From the C-Suite to first time managers, Yannik will help your leaders maximize their potential in the midst of pressure and transform challenges into profitability. A team or individual with the unique ability to remain focused on purpose in the midst of any circumstance is the key to business success.

How It Works

Leadership & Personality Assessments:

Get get access to DiSC, MBTI, Enneagram and more through a dynamic and interactive assessment platform to help increase self-awareness in several key areas. You’ll also receive DAILY coaching tips to help you reflect your strengths each day!

Kick off Leadership Goal Setting:

Leveraging data, insights and key priorities, you’ll design a custom purpose driven leadership plan that includes specific goals to impact performance, business outcomes, team development and productivity.

Leadership Coaching Sessions:

Focusing on key goals and actions articulated in the goal setting session, you’ll set action plans for each session while designing leadership best practices and getting dynamic coaching from Yannik to reflect your strengths in the workplace each day.

Go-Forward Leadership Plan:

You’ll conclude your coaching agreement with a strategic leadership plan with identified milestones and goals to support ongoing development.

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