Purpose Consulting

Who is it for:

  • Small to Medium Sized Businesses
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Religious Organizations

An organization’s ability to thrive starts with two things: PEOPLE & PROCESS.

When you have the right people in the right roles and processes that are both innovative and open to change, an organization can experience growth, success and results.

Purpose Under Pressure: Business & Organizational Growth Consulting supports organizations in identifying key areas for development, strategies for filling performance and leadership gaps and a conscious plan to get it all done. Whether your goal is to develop top talent or identify and achieve KPIs, Yannik McKie’s custom approach to organizational development will support individual, team and organizational goal achievement.

Get access To

16 Behavioral, Personality and Culture assessments

Improved working relationships & communication

Stronger sales skills

Increased self-awareness & problem solving skills

*TEAM Dashboard that houses your teams assessment data and visualizes it in a way that’s easy to understand and leverage for the productivity of the team.

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